Nesting box

Its such a beautiful day glorious rays of sunshine streaming through my voiles and its peaceful too …. just the sound of the birds in the nesting box.

Blue Tit Nest Box




Autumn Stroll

Mother Nature never fails to grab our attention with her beautiful painting of scenery the beauty the flood of light, leaves splashed with every sharp shade that nature can bestow.  Autumn leaves, yellow, green, orange rich colors swirl around me,

Which road do I choose?

Autumn’s approaching, we love to see the trees and all their colors in this season.


“Crispy air and azure skies,
High above, a white cloud flies,
Bright as newly fallen snow.
Oh the joy to those who know October!

Colors bright on bush and tree.
Over the weedy swamp, we see
A veil of purple and brown and gold.
Thy beauty words have never told. October!

Scolding sparrows on the lawn,
Rabbits frisking home at dawn,
Pheasants midst the sheaves of grain,
All in harmony acclaim, October!

Brown earth freshly turned by plow,
Apples shine on bended bough,
Bins o’erflowed with oats and wheat,
And satisfaction reigns complete. October!

Radiant joy is everywhere.
Spirits in tune to the spicy air,
Thrill in the glory of each day.
Life’s worth living when we say, October!”

~Joseph Pullman Porter

Everything always seem too short

Somehow summer never seems to last long enough. It is always over before we get a chance to fully experience its power. This is true of all things wonderful. Everything always seem too short.

Gone Forever

Here I sit amongst the long grasses and the reed,
in a solitary place, where my breath is freed,
on an Indian Summer’s evening on the lake bed,
autumn has come, yet the warmth has not fled.

Blazing orange skies, are mirrored to reflect,
I cannot imagine a scene being any more perfect,
as I looked up, an un-fallen leaf caught my gaze,
spotlighted in the sun’s last golden rays.

I noticed this crimson leaf as it began to wave,
the end of a short life that I could not save,
then swept away suddenly by the wind’s rake,
and ripples formed as it landed on the still lake.

The leaf was carried away and my eyes followed,
then drowned by the water’s surface and swallowed,
windy fingertips tugged it from the branch to sever,
existing once, like today, and then was gone forever.

– Read more Poems by Kelly Deschler

Leaf Fail by by dina bennett


Everyday is a new beginning

Syringa (Lilac)

Everything we say and do has a powerful effect on our lives. Just as a flower steadily bestows its fragrance upon the air, our thoughts and actions are continuously creating a cosmic influence upon our lives and the lives of others.
~ Mary Ann Byrne

Take things slow

Don’t rush life, today! If rivers were in a hurry to get to the sea, the world would be a much drier place in which to live. Don’t rush life, today, and you’ll be able to leave more of yourself behind, to help others grow.

The Bottom Rail

“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”
– Winnie The Pooh

Bodnant Gardens, Conwy, Wales, UK,  Bridge over River Hiraethlyn in Valley Garden

Bodnant Gardens, Conwy, Wales, UK, Bridge over River Hiraethlyn in Valley Garden


Often clarity is found where we least expect it.