Gratitude is the key to unlocking your treasure

Make each day your home. Greet it as you would greet an old friend, come for tea. It won’t last long, and that’s why it’s so precious, sacred even.

See its astonishing colours, feel its wild feelings. Let its joys move you to tears, be floored by its sadnesses. Feel the vibrant life surging through every pore of this day of all days.

And at its end, lay your head on its pillow, sink into its vastness, tumble into its bottomlessness. Will another day come? And does it matter, when this day has been so full? Be willing to be blind to all your tomorrows.

A day, fully lived, will always be more than enough.

Gratitude is the key, and the lock was never made.

~ Jeff Foster

Africa | Best friends

Suguta, Kibo and Nchan like to spend their days playing together and will eventually live as a herd in Tsavo National Park when they grow up | ©David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


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