The secret garden

The Secret Garden 

By Edward Eagle

In our secret garden
I would like to be
Without a care in the world                                         Secret Garden
Just you and me

Walking side by side
And hand in hand
Joyful of the ambiance
Of this peaceful land

Where the flowers bloom
And the fragrance is fresh
With kaleidoscopic colours
That dance upon the flesh

Where butterflies roam
And bees gather pollen
And the birds sing sweetly
Amongst the branches that have fallen

Where a shaft of sunlight
Breaks through the trees
Brightening the forest
For the birds and the bees

Where clouds move peacefully
Across the sky
And the Sun shines bright
From on a high

Where the wind blows gently
And tree leaves shimmer
Where the river flows lazily
And the water is clear

Where rain drops rest
Before being drunk
By the hedgehogs and the mice
And the black and white skunk

Where foxes and vixens
Come out at night
Foraging the forest
Until daylight

With big open eyes
The tawny owl is there
Watching for prey
With his stealthy stare

The longer the silence
The sweeter the sound
This secret garden
That we have found

Tis our private Eden
Tis the place we’ve been before
Tis our secret garden
A place that we adore