Say No To Ivory

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the iWorry Campaign have an urgent ivory action for us.

The United States is the second largest market for ivory and after the recent ivory crush, we must keep up the pressure! The Trust asks each of us to join them in seeking to shut down all domestic and international ivory markets.

U.S. residents, please write to your elected representatives. Take a minute to reach out to your elected representative and ask them to help save the African elephant today by initiating and supporting a full ban on domestic ivory trade in the United States.

You can find contact details for President Barack Obama, Congress and your local officials here:

Photo credit: Thank you to photographer and conservationist Michael North for another beautiful image. Visit Michael at

Photo credit: Thank you to photographer and conservationist Michael North for another beautiful image.Visit Michael at Michael North

“What many of us don’t realize is that after China, the United States is actually the second largest importer of illegal wildlife parts. Not ivory specifically, but all illegal wildlife parts. The United States cannot hope to ask China to do the right thing and ban ivory whilst it allows the sale of ‘legal’ ivory to continue in this country.

The United States needs to impose a moratorium on the sale of ALL ivory products in the country. The vast majority of ivory is illegal, sourced from murdered elephants. But retailers of ivory products invariably claim that their ivory is legal, when in truth, it is anything but. The loophole is so large that you could drop an entire herd of elephants through it.”

~Quote by Nick Brandt, founder of Big Life Foundation


Ivory shouldn’t be sold in the U.S.

Tell Congress to fight wildlife trafficking

Here is a template letter from the website that you can use and/or add to:

If you are not a U.S. resident, write your letters to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry requesting that they initiate and enforce a ban on all domestic ivory trade in the United States.

Secretary of State John Kerry can be reached at this web

Ps: ~  I will not apologize for fighting for change or for bringing a slight change to my usual form of posting.

Times are changing, no longer do the majority of people think it is morally right to butcher Elephants and Rhinos for THEIR Ivory; Instead rather than hunt they want to learn about these creatures. Now in the 21st Century with the populations of both species dwindling we need a world wide ban on Ivory.