Write about a time when it wouldn’t stop raining.

Write about a time when it wouldn’t stop raining.
It came down in torrents, sheets and sheets of cold drenching rain. The world seemed dim, a dark grey tint to everything. The streets flooded to the ankle, every step delineated with a significant squish. Boots damp, socks drenched, pant cuffs wicking the chilling damp up the leg. Freezing wind biting to the bone, it didn’t matter how many layers I wear, windbreakers, rain coats, thermals and sweaters couldn’t keep the chill away. So, I turn my back, turn my collar to the wind, I move along in silence trying not to think at all. I send my feet before me; walk this silent flooded street before me. Shivering, heart sore and soul withered I hunker in my meager shelter. The lost and lonely feeling my the depths of my soul over taking my heart like a poison, my disbelieving mind dismissing every peep of my very soul trying to remind me that it can’t rain all the time, because it had rained for so long that I believed my own hope had long since drown… The pattering drenching hitting the tin of the roof over my head the rain leaving the warbling visage of the world beyond my window lending another world feeling to what I see. From out of nowhere a bolt of lightning splits the sky, the rolling of thunder shakes the very ground I stand on, shaking me from my dour vigil.

Rainy Days

The bolt of lightning disappears but the blaze of light never leaves, the dark grey tint lifted the world shines in its Technicolor glory. The light sprinkle glazed in sunshine, the colors of a sparkling rainbow filter finally through my eyes. The streets seemingly socked in water mere seconds ago now shined merely damp in is charcoal beauty, the bright green of the grass glitters with the damp dew of the much-needed drink, and the azure sky blazing a breathtaking dark and clear blue. Then finally my mind listens to my soul, it can’t rain all the time, both literally and figuratively. The sunny days will soon find you, and the dark desperate if you don’t let it inundate your soul will dissipate… because it truly can’t rain ALL the time.

Dark Skies

I love and needed this, raining
Listen to it as music and sooth my soul~
“For after all, the best thing
one can do when it is raining
is let it rain.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow