Walking The Road

Let’s walk the road together, friend;
The road that lies ahead;
A road that leads we know not where,
To sun or thunderhead.

A road that’s long and treacherous;
That’s filled with ruts and pits;
With offshoots that we must not take;
Those paths that are unfit.

Let’s walk the road together, friend,
Down every slope and bend;
The road I’ve walked so very long
And almost reached its end.

And if, by chance, you lose your way
And take a turn that’s wrong,
My knowledge of the road will help
You find your way erelong.

Let’s walk the road together, friend,
And if it’s I who fails,
My love for you will set my feet
Again upon the trail.

Your youthful frame I’ll lean upon.
Your strength will give me cheer.
So I, when faced with ruts and pits,
No more, will have to fear.

Let’s walk the road together, friend,
Up every hill and slope.
`Twill be, by walking side by side,
Much easier to cope.

Yes, together we shall walk the road,
But ere the final bend,
The years will force my saddened heart
To say, ‘Goodbye, my friend.- Lone Dog

Follow your own path