You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot

Life is too short to spend time with people who hurt you, disrespect you, take you for granted and treat you less than you deserve.
If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you.

You shouldn’t  have to fight for a spot.
Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth.

And remember, it’s not the people that stand by your side when you’re at your best, but the ones who stand beside you when you’re at your worst that Love you for who you are.

They are the ones who walk in when the rest of the world walks out.
They brighten up your life just by being there for you.
They understand you and heal your heart with their unconditional Love.
They are the ones who truly care.
Love is just a word, till someone comes long and shows you what it truly means


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