Our Heavenly Body

I watch with reverence
as the deepening shades of night
mix with the midnight colored hues
of an evening sky.
Numinous flares of light
sweep the sky and skim the stars
as a divine glow pouring from the moon,
anoints the silvery body
of the earth,
the heavenly home
we are so graciously given.

Oh that we might see
the crowning glory surrounding us,
as divine love lays its golden riches
at the door of our existence!
Hovering wings await
our moment of awakening,
for only God can sound the call
to launch a new way of being
through the light and grace
beaming from the beauty
of love’s holy face.
Fall into the expanding arms
that long to draw us all
into the eternal embrace
of a communal Soul

~ Naomi Stone

Heaven on a Mountain