The Tale of the Friendly Old Whale

Hello, come closer and I’ll tell you the tale, the tale of a friendly old whale,
who rescued a girl when her boat went awhirl
in a tropical storm which had forced her to bail
from the ship when she suddenly tripped on the sail’s starboard furl.
Our whale had just lost her own daughter–the cost
of humanity’s selfishness, power and greed.
She grieved for long weeks, with tremendous disgust
for the avarice causing the death of her seed without need.
She’d mused long and deep on just why she should keep
holding hope that all people would learn to respect
life as sacred. She’d weep for our failure to leap
into loving awareness–the attitude fairness expects.
She thought, I’ll forgive them, though they deserve naught;

for true love can’t be bought. The way they might learn
 is by turn of example. This cannot be taught.
 She searched for a chance to ignite blazing truth in soul’s urn.
Tempestuous winds frustrated her goal, so she waited
till fury abated, and then set right out
full of passion for kindness. “I’m sure it is fated–
my mission won’t fail,” she said bowing her head. “I’ve no doubt”.

At that very moment, our whale spied the ship
and zoomed to the starboard side, hoping to help.
She noticed the girl bravely struggle, then slip.
She thought, I must aid her – she’ll get herself tangled in kelp.

As she floundered and sputtered around in the sea,
the girl cried and prayed, “Please God, don’t let me die!”
Our whale came up gently below her. “Ride me,”
she said with a nudge. “Climb aboard, and to safety I’ll fly.”
The two of them slowly proceeded to land;
our whale set her down a few yards from the shore.
I hope this young human will now understand:
 compassion’s the cure,
we must cultivate more and more.

The girl gave a kiss, giving thanks with full heart.
“I’m not in a mind now to leave you behind.”
Then, bowing her head so their eyes weren’t apart,
she whispered, “I think that your help was divinely designed.’
“Now I must continue this mission of love,”
said the whale with a smile as she batted an eye.
“For humans are needing a huge, healthy shove
before they can grasp that we all are related,
and why 
our giving up greed is essential for all
of creation’s survival. Not one thing will thrive
if we dare not to care -we shall all share the fall,
and also it’s possible nothing alive will survive.”
“Oh!” said the girl with eyes wide. “That is wrong!
Can I help?” And the whale smiled with tears in her eyes.
“Please talk to your people, write poems, sing songs
and communicate truth, while removing the guises of lies.”
~ Rami Devi Nina Marshall