I would like to share something that I came upon whilst doing my daily reading, which moved me so profoundly that I cannot find the words ……


“I have had over one hundred sleeps in Africa amongst the winter thorns and Marula trees and more now than ever do I feel compelled to tell the stories of this vanishing Eden.

I am not sure we could ever prepare ourselves to lose the battle on protecting our world’s wildlife.

If we do, it will take with it, the most humane part of us.

We can no longer turn away from a situation we alone have created; nor can we ever look to anyone, but ourselves,
and ask why has this been taken from us.

So from this point on…we will either find or lose our souls.”

~This beautiful reflection is by Robyn Gianni, photographer, journalist, conservationist and passionate traveler.
Photo credit: Robyn Gianni. Please visit her portfolio of stunning work by clicking on the photograph, thank you.

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