Spring Cadence

The coyotes’ wail shall
never again paint
a yellow moon so full
or tint its deep
pearlescent sheen so blue
Natural ambient elements
serenade the moon and stars
A plethora of all heightened senses
savor every sparkle
in midnight’s near and far

There may never be
another magical moment
sung exactly like the untamed timbre
bemoaned through these trees
Celestial incandescence reflects
the sky’s mystical mosaic’s afterglow;
transcendent resonance ricochets
from the angelic lily white petals
The native dogwood’s flowers
draw down the night sky’s radiant montage

Scattering a natural luminescent palette
as they sparkle with the twinkle of the stars
The coyote’s medley of mournful laments
echoes the moment’s budding essence
adorning the blossoming dogwood’s bouquet ;
it’s natural enchanting ambiance
graces the awakening spring ,
within in the moonlit woods…