Imagine the Sun shining brightly…
beyond the deep ravine –
it’s lighting up the landscape…
so that everything is seen.
The memory of darkness…
I prefer not to recall:
but would rather think of sunshine…
and gum trees growing tall.
I contemplate this Country,
a vast and open land…
blessed with rich diversity;
suddenly – I understand.
There is a time for everything,
with acceptance, live and learn;
that happiness can be derived…
out of something which seemed stern.
They say this is a ‘sunburnt’ land:
it can be harsh, that’s true.
However, I discover…
there are valleys green with dew.
Refreshing pools and waterfalls,
in which to splash my feet –
and the coolness of a forest,
a sheltering retreat.
The Sun is shining brightly…
though it isn’t always seen;
but when a flower flourishes…
you know where it has been!