Absence of Time

Foamy splashes of water fill the imprints in the sand
as the waves crash around me in hypnotic rhythm.
Rising above the earth, I leave the boundaries of this world.
Serenity bathes me as I breathe in the ocean air and taste the salty flavor of the absence of time.
My heartbeat slows with the water’s ebb and flow;
I renounce all control over what will or will not be.
Content to remain in this moment,
leaving all tomorrows behind, I bask in this timeless place,and my spirit enjoys rest.
But alas, eternity releases its grip, and my senses reluctantly respond to the world I must return to.
The playful squeals of laughter gently tug at me, drawing me back to earth as inevitable as gravity,
and once more, I feel the yielding sand between my toes.Ah, sweet ocean, I will return to drink of your powerful potion
~ Pat Nelson