The Time we Have

The Time we Have

As I walked onto the cliff with the sunset in view,
The valley below took on a golden hue.
The river seemed to flow into the sun,
And I realized I was no longer glum.
It’s things like this that make life worth living,
Everything that nature keeps on giving.
The river glittering with a golden light,
It was a breathtaking sight.
The stars began to shine,
And the golden light began to die,
But the moonlight illuminated the valley.
As I felt time slow,
I knew that I couldn’t just go,
And set up a tent a few feet back.
The next day I woke,
As the dawn broke,
To an amazing sight.
As the sun shone on the dew,
The valley glittered with a golden hue,
That reminded me of Christmas the year before.
The awe inspiring sight,
Reminded me of the joys of life,
And I realized I forgot my camera.
Oh well.
It’s best not to dwell on the past,
But instead we should make the good times last,
And cherish the life we have.
For time, we have not,
We need to make the most of what we’ve got,
For school is starting next week.
By Ehran Pierce


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